Beautiful China

Anhui province---capital: Hefei Beijing----capital of China Chongqing City Fujian province---Capital: Fuzhou Gansu province---capital: Lanzhou Guangdong province---capital: Guangzhou Guangxi province---capital: Nanning Guizhou province---capital: Guiyang Hainan province---Capital: Haikou Heibei province----Capital: Shijiazhuang Heilongjiang province---capital: Harbin Henan province—Capital: Zhengzhou Hubei province---Capital: Wuhan Hunan province---capital: Changsha Inner Mongolia---Capital: Huhehot Jiangsu province—Capital: Nanjing Jiangxi province---Capital: Nanchang Jilin province—Capital: Changchun Liaoning province---Capital: Shenyang Ningxia province---capital: Yinchuan Qinghai province---Capital: Xining Shanghai city Shanxi province—Capital: Xian Sichuan province---Capital: Chengdu Tianjin city Tibet----Capital: Lassa Xinjiang Region—Capital: Urumqi Yunnan province---Capital: Kunming Zhejiang province---Capital: Hangzhou

Heilongjiang province---capital: Harbin

Located in the northeastern part of China, Heilongjiang Province boast rich tourist resources due to its extraordinary geographical feature and climate conditions. Endowed with many wonderful scenic spots, including the Greater and Lesser Hinggan Mountains, the Sanjiang Plain, the immense marshland, the vast sea of forest, mysterious border lakes, the five linked lakes formed by volcanic eruptions, the Jingpo Lake, ruins the the Jin-Dynasty culture and the site of Bohai Kingdom, Heilongjiang Province has become now one the world-known tourist destinaions in China.

Inner Mongolia---Capital: Huhehot

Located on China's northernmost tip sharing a border of 4,221 kilometers with Russia and the People's Republic of Mongolia, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is mainly, inhabited by the Mongolians, with pasturelands, deserts, forests, the Yellow River, the Ergun River, Dalai Nur, the Greater Hinggan Mountains, Yinshan Mountains, and Helan Mountain. Its long history and unique culture offer a rich resource for tourism industry.

Jiangxi province---Capital: Nanchang

Located along the southern banks in the middle and lower reaches of the Changjiang (Yangtze) River, Jiangxi Province is surrounded on three sides by mountains. The northern part is plain Jiangxi has an area of 166,900 square kilometers and a population of 37.7 million.
Jiangxi is one of the main grain producers, and known as a fertile "land of fish and rice." It is also famous for oil crops, cotton, flax, sugarcane, tea, and fruits.
Jiangxi is rich in mineral resources. Jingdezhen has been world known as the capital of porcelain.

Jilin province—Capital: Changchun

Situated in northeastern China, Jilin Province is one of the three regions in the world known for the black earth. It produces a great quantity of grain, minerals, and special products and grows a vast expanse of forests.

Liaoning province---Capital: Shenyang

Liaoning Province is located in the southern part of northeast China, with the Yellow and Bohai Seas in the south, Hebei Province in the southwest, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in the northwest, Jilin Province in the northeast, and Korea m the southeast.

Ningxia province---capital: Yinchuan

The Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, in the eastern part of northwestern China, covers an area of 66,400 square kilometers, with an elevation ranging from 1,100 to 2,200 meters. It borders Shaanxi Province in the east, Gansu Province in the southwest, and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in the northwest. With a total population of 5.3 million, Ningxia has three cities, 16 counties, two county-level cities, and six prefectures. Yinchuan is the capital.