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  • 国家: Australia
  • 城市: Brisbane
  • 性别:
  • 年龄: 90
  • 语言: English, German
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    Selfunded retire my background is Electrical Engineering. Have widely traveled with work and otherwise. I am very healthy and fit in body and mind. I keep active with walking and I play tennis up to 3 times a week regularly. I do enjoy breaking bread and share a glass of wine with friends, look forward to hear from you and thanks for stopping by. Daniel. ------ I will be in Xi'an and Shanghai around September and October and I would be happy to assist with German or English Languages. D.
  • 期望旅游城市: Beijing ( Beijing, Datong, Xi an, Shanghai and Hangzhou)
  • 预计出行时间: Sat, 08/11/2012 - Mon, 11/05/2012
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