blakely, from Guangzhou Jiangmen Shenzhen

Notice: Please don't share your VIP membership with other persons. Your VIP membership is valid only for yourself and your spouse, significant other, minor children, and at most one other family member or friend who is traveling with you. We have informed Chinese hosts to report any VIP members who don't match up with their picture. Unauthorized use of a VIP membership will result in termination of all privileges.


  • Max guests: 10
  • Availability: Yes
  • Reception mode:
    Language for Free Guiding/口语换导游
    Language for Language (studying Chinese)/口语互换
    Friendship and Dating/聚会交友
    Co-Touring (traveler and host can sightsee or tour together)/AA去旅游
  • Email: ****@*******.***
  • Online tools: MSN:********, SKYPE:*******
  • Cellphone: [Text to him (her) free (just for english) >>]
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