Hainan province---Capital: Haikou

Hainan Island, the second largest island in China, includes Hainan Island, Xisha Islands, Zhongsha Islands, Nansha Islands and the region of the South China Sea. It is located at the southernmost tip of China, bordering the Qiongzhou Strait in the north and facing the Leizhou Peninsula of Guangdong on the other side. The climate here belongs to the marine tropical monsoon, making it suitable for tourism all year round.
Hainan has rich tourist resources, including the boundless coastal areas and territorial seas, the beautiful tropical landscape, the pleasant climate, countless hot springs, unique lifestyle of the Miao ethnic group, and various species of animals and plants.
Hainan has a convenient transportation. The Haikou and Sanya Phoenix airports have opened more than 70 routes domestically and internationally; Ships shuttle between Haiku, Sanya, the New Port, Xiuying Port and Yangpu Port and Guangzhou, Zhanjiang, Shantou, and Hong Kong; Highways provide an easy access to all parts of the province.
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