Ray, from Beijing

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  • Name: Ray
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 32
  • Location: Beijing
  • Required language: English, French, Spanish
  • Introduction: (Open the translater >>)
    Hello, I'm living in a Traditional Beijing building which is near the north side of Forbidden city; actually very close to Houhai, the biggest clubs zone. But my living area is very quite. It's a small and neat bungalow, around 40 square-meters; includes 1 bed room (with 1 big bed, table, chairs, refrigerator, wireless internet), 1 front room (with 1 bed in sofa, TV, washer), & 1 shower room (no toilet). You can see a very chilling but like 1950's sense of life from outside. The nearest bus station is about 500 meters far. I'm looking for tourist who temporarily stays in Beijing; better be a single male. I can host a couple if you sleep in 1 bed. For less than 3 days you could stay as free. But if you need to stay over 1 week then better think about pay fee for the host because each forefinger has to apply a program from the police officer for a longer time home stay. That might be a little tricky to us.
  • Max guests: 2
  • Availability: Maybe
  • Request to the guests: I speak high level English. Now I'm trying to study German, French, Spanish, Italian.
  • Reception mode:
    Language for Free Accommodation/口语换住宿(需要您可以提供空房间)
    Language for Free Guiding/口语换导游
    Language for Language (studying Chinese)/口语互换
    Paid Home Stay/付租金住宿,不教学
  • Email: ****@*******.***
  • Online tools: MSN:********, SKYPE:*******
  • Cellphone: [Text to him (her) free (just for english) >>]
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